Request for Alternative Dispute Resolution

The information requested on this form is required in accordance with the Procurement Ombudsman Regulations (Regulations) for a request for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to be filed. Only information needed to initiate the ADR process will be requested.

Within ten working days, we will assess your request against the Regulations and if the criteria are met, we will send your request to the federal organization so it can decide whether to participate in the ADR process.

The Regulations require the dispute to be about the interpretation or application of the terms and conditions of a contract. The dispute must also be between parties to a contract and one party must be a federal organization.

I acknowledge and understand the above statements. (required)

If you are experiencing any difficulties completing the form, please contact us at 1-866-734-5169 or
For more information regarding OPO’s ADR process consult our “What to expect” guide.

Section 1: Complainant Identification

Are you filing on behalf of the complainant (e.g. family member, legal counsel)? (required)
Is your contact information different from above? (required)

Representative Identification

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Section 2: Details of the issues

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Section 3: Identification of the Other contracting party

Section 4: Have you contacted the other party identified in section 3 to try to resolve your dispute?

Section 5: Upload Files

OPO requires a copy of the contract in question. Please upload the contract here or provide by fax or mail.
Please note there is a maximum allowable limit (30MB).
File Name File Size Delete File
Are you uploading additional information? (such as any correspondence and written information related to this dispute) (required)
Are you submitting additional information by fax or mail? (required)

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Section 6: Consent

Do you provide your consent, at this time, to the Office of the Procurement Ombudsman to contact the other party of the contract, identified above, in an attempt to resolve your issue(s)? (required)

Section 7: Declaration

I declare and certify that the information provided herein is to the best of my knowledge, true, accurate and complete. (required)
I agree to bear the cost of my own participation in the alternative dispute resolution process, such as travel. (required)

Privacy Statement: Any personal information collected in this process is protected under the Privacy Act. The information will be retained for a minimum of three years after the file is closed.

Under the Privacy Act, individuals have the right to protection of, and access to, their personal information held by federal organizations. As well, individuals can request corrections to any inaccurate information. Learn more on accessing your personal information at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

If you have questions about this Statement, you can send them to For more information on privacy issues and the Privacy Act, contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner at 1-800-282-1376.

I acknowledge and understand this Privacy Statement. (required)

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